August 18, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #8 Summary

Yup, another squiggling course on dirt; from the look of the map, totally flat, too — there actually were perhaps only 500 linear feet of that!  And sweet enough loop that advertised protocol of 5K lost out to economy of available routes.  The view to Burke Mtn from atop Heaven’s Bench served as sufficient motivation to roam the marked course.

Of the 40 Flys, nine sped thru the single mile (down and up the wide turns below the Bench) to enjoy snacks on the grass…

… while a trio took on three of the 2.5 mile loop, Nick and Alan yanking down the flagging…

…another seven knocking off two loops, and the remainder content with a single swing ’round the course.

Elise scarfed up the RunNut award chasing down daughter, Alex, on the 2nd loop; while David earned the Goat trinket for charging the single loop with evident voive (yes, from the Lion’s spiel in Wizard of Oz).  Gwen’s transition from tenuous cocoon to flitting Fly on the downhill to home earned her the big Folkmanis butterfly (sure to be enjoyed by all siblings); and NPT’s team spirit yielded a stitched blanket for office display.  And thanks to Juniper’s for stocking us with yummy wraps ‘n desserts to replenish spent calories on dirt!!

A fine time on a stellar, “Wow!! it’s not hot ‘n humid today!!” exception to recent weather patterns held people on the lawn until just after the sun dipped below treeline on the western hills.  And yup, the Closers lingered just a bit longer than the kids on the playset, their parents tugging them to cars… and hopefully Elyse finally getting to that birthday pizza as final reward for her energy on today’s dirt.

See you Flys in a couple weeks back on the other side of the river!!  Keep those Shoes bzzzzzzz’in’….


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