July 20, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #6 Bzzzzz

Why, yes, there WAS dirt to explore, no shortage of opportunities (bridges, roots, etc) to gain greater intimacy with it.  This Swarm we crept up to 60 Flys attending – we had 70+ for our initial two on either side of the river, in the 40’s for the previous three – with about a dozen rippling along the rollers on the pump track’s 1 Mile course…

…about ten knocking off more than 5 miles on the larger Burnham loop; and the remainder roaming variations of the two loops with distances comparably varying.

Competition for the esteemed BCD is trending up.  Somehow the kids blow past the buffoonery that the adults give wide berth to in earning the garments.  Tho, compare Thatcher’s presentation with Lisa’s from Swarm #5 and the smiles are just as wide.  We are about fashion, no? eh? And tho Fiona (or is this Phoebe?) didn’t also have color to don, the Mullers (as in “fuller” not “fueler”) owned what Macey’s sporting since the last Vermont Swarm, and surely they’ll have chance to swap fashion statements until our next gathering.

(Side note:  betwixt Swarm encouragement to visit other trails yielded Fiona & Phoebe conquering Franconia Ridge for the first time, their chutzpah earning them another trinket of accomplishment: a bock (in this case, accompanying each bottle of staerk bier) to reflect its bold and hefty presence among its lesser companions.  Good going, kids!!)

Mary returned from the trails just in time to grab her sandwich (almost hit the auction block) and quickly get recognition for all that effort on dirt to earn this Swarm’s RunNut trophy.

And for those who hung around until Sam dipped into the magic black hat, we passed on gift certificates to Matt (Catamount flick tix), Emily (Juniper’s at the Wildflower) and Kim (Serenity Spa), tho there was a small pile of initialed disks on the ground of potential winners had they actually stuck around.  Alas and alack…

Even after Finn ‘n Naia pulled streamers from the pump track, and Alan snatched Burnham’s batch, our usual Closers had already repaired to Mike’s Tiki Bar…

…the kids lingering in the playground substituting for the final activity to call this Swarm a success!!

Just guessing… that as energy continues to build for all this fun roaming of dirt, more than a couple Flys may find advantage in using the talents of Team NPT to improve confidence and build body skills for all this forest maneuvering.

See all you Flys in NH in a couple weeks!!

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