July 6, 2018 dirtyshooze

(S)Warm2Hot #5 Story

Once upon a summer day (hot & humididdy), Gathered the Flys (to find dirt, they were giddy)… and that’s about all you’re gonna get that hints at borrowed literary finery!

Yes, early day conditions signaled sweat-filled miles for #5 on Parker Mountain, but late afternoon breeze & shade softened conditions, appreciatively.  Still, of the 44 Flys on dirt, a third opted for short miles; our trending half dozen just HAD to get 10K; the main swarm (literally for some, meanderingly) roaming the 5K loop.  And everybody made it back, YaY!!

Sage admitted finding dirt closer than she expected — oooh, oooh, BCD candidate!! — but when offered the chance to don today’s summer heat ensemble, fashionably (for size considerations) chose to pass that thrill to someone else, Lisa our diverted target, to colorfully cloak her otherwise WAY too conservative roam attire.

Isaac strongly represented his family effort, earning today’s RunNut trophy (yes, sweat factored in weight towards the recognition).  Can’tcha just see that displayed just inside the front door for all to gaze upon?!!?

While folks noshed on Littleton Coop’s generous donation of wraps, watermelon & fizzy water to our cause…

…Bill was scurrying on the course to gather up navigation flagging (easily missed by some) that Blake had strewn in the woods…

Once the Coop’s gift certificates (that, too?!!? what a great outfit — go visit and thank ’em!!) found happy hands (Joanna & Clare), and the Closers’ beer trove diminished, giddy Flys went home under humididdy skies…

Big thanks to Blake for organizing another dirt adventure for your pleasure; thanks to you ALL for joining in on this frivolity that is ShoeFly; and see y’all in two weeks across the river!!

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