July 3, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #5, Littleton, NH, July 5th

Summer swelter as backdrop, we’re nonetheless prepping for our 5th gathering in Littleton day after all that July 4th thrill.  Remich Park as base of operations, lots o’ dirt behind it to explore.  Normal drill – show up near 5, attend pre-dirt briefing about 5:15, go roam about 5:30.  Swelter influence?  Wellllllll, forecasters suggest (as of this posting) that we may get late afternoon/evening T-storms, but we’ll be in the trees and fairly shielded from downpours; at the finish area could be more exposed… but there’s food to be noshed upon, so one wouldn’t resist THAT oppor’y, would one?  Point 2 re that swelter thingie – if’n you join in, emphasize fun on the dirt vs trying to move with big zip, as heat exposure complicates such rigorous motion.  Come for the fun! the dirt! the totally nifty prizes!

(Correct, no direct correlation between this pic and Swarm #5, tho there IS a 1 degree of separation twixt ’em.)


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