June 9, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #3 Data Dump

he warned ya, yet you roamed anyway…

…and everyone returned, YAY!!

While our distance measurement was accurate down to the millifurlong (short loop 1.73946 ‘murican miles, full loop 3.643434343), alas, our chipped timing system was on the fritz that night, so we shipped it off to the manufacturer (you guessed it, Fritz von Fritzmeister) and hope to have it back before our season finale.  As substitute, finishers suffered the erratic eye-clock-pen disconnect that comes from sitting too low in the lawn chair for too long.  So that, if you discern a time below different from your own record of same effort, well, it IS your log book, so write in it what you wish; here, it’s now solidly shoved into history.  Legend for below:  Garbonzo/S/43 = Name / distance of Short, Mid or Long / Time.  As for ranking, feel free to cut ‘n paste and sort away, this method of distribution hopefully having you glance thru a longer list of who did what with whom (which Jen? which Elizabeth?).  As for future reports, probably not much consistency but comparable confusion.

Heather/M/64, Gabby/M/63, Nick/L/99, Ezra/L/110 (yay!! his first 10K+)

Jo/S/30, Gabe/L/110, Adler/S/29, Sylvie/S/30, Thatcher/S/27 (first to find the finish!), Jen/S/27 (huffin’ behind Thatcher), Macayla/S/39, Miranda/M/49, Travis/M/48, Susan/M/60, Bill/L/75 (RunNut winner), Jen/M/69, Andrew/M/64, Ayla/M/63, Elyse/M/63, Isaac/M/69, Elizabeth/M/45 (to the wire w/ Colleen), Ellie/M/110, Kathy/M/75, Cheryl/M/57, Tim/M/54, Jim/M/74, Reinette/M/74, Clare/M/50, Snowflea/M/74

Christina/M/77, Colleen/M/45, Lisa/M/64, Elizabeth/M/54, Alan/L/99, Darcie/M/71, Elise/M/79 (BCD Crown!)

Willie/M/79, Aimee/M/71, Beth/M/72, Geoffrey/L/84, Kendra/M/72, David/M/48, Marcia/M/64, Shea/M/60

Big THANKS!! of course to Blake for the set up & hospitality — he’s good!! we should keep him around…

When ‘n where next shall we swarm? Come back here in a few days for that announcement.  When, of course, you already know; ah, but where…?


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