June 1, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #3, Thur 6/7, Dow Park, Franconia, NH

Dow Park if’n you need help finding it…  what else ya need to know? oh, OK, 5:30 Start w/ some preliminary words thrown out fer grinz & route following confidence about 5:20.  post-roam eats provided by The Dutch Treat at the inviting price of $5 for a sizable chunk o’ pizza + bag o’ chips + can o’ beverage.  wanna join in the fun? if not already registered, go to ShoeFly Registration or if’n you’re already registered, betcha there’s an email waiting for your response about showing up.  betcha!!  let’s get to bzzzzin’….


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dirtyshooze Moons 'n Moons of Miles 'n Miles, in front of and behind the aid station table, in the latter status offering Coyote brand trail exploring opportunities to those who prefer the (usually more entertaining) adventure of dirt roaming over puffing up their competitive rankings.