May 12, 2018 dirtyshooze

First Swarm Report

Should we talk about the weather first?  No-o-o-o!!!  Rather, huge thanks to Blake for organizing our Season Opener all by his lonesome, and for pulling in  Schilling to support the party – woo-HOO!!


Including the Gang of 20’ish under Bob Weir’s wings, we gathered 78 (33 kids, the rest of proximate adult condition) to open the season on Parker Mtn.  A few stats for the ShoeFly group :  youngest <1yo, oldest about a decade below this keyboard tapper; Becky Chase was singular Fly to conquer 2 loops, Bill Cobb 1.5 loops, Adler hit the short loop twice w/o getting dirt on his shoes (figure THAT one out!); about 4 doz did full single loop, a couple handfuls knocked off the short loop; times swang (that IS past tense of swing, isn’t it?) twixt 26-96 minutes (sorry, the GPS clock was engaged in Happy Hour, so recording seconds wasn’t gonna happen).  And that’s about as organized a set of data you’ll likely see for the rest of the season!! Get a log book to record your own progress up to Sept’s finale and we’ll compare notes then.


Who won stuff? Ezra earned the coveted Crash ‘n Burn trophy for hugging the dirt more than once!! Miranda “won” the cousin Run Nut for being the middle pack finisher –takes fine calculations amidst one’s competitors to win that distinction!!  Beanie hats to Joe (1st entrant & creator of Nut awards), Bob (pied piper bringing a parcel of kids to the game), Andrew (to foster Beanie culture at his meetings), and the 4 Operations Closure Quality Assurance Monitors (Beth, Aimee, Darcie & Kendra).

By random draw, Macayla & Kendra won Schilling’s donation of $25 gift certificates. And sometime before the season ends, as promoted when we opened registration, our first 10 entrants will walk away with a choice of goodies (e.g., mesh hat, blanket, Black Diamond apparel).  From the above, one may get the impression we’re less concerned with competitive performance than communal recognition of many expressions for contributing to fun and inanity on forest floors.  And only because of withering brain cells approaching this first Swarm did we fail to reinvigorate the BCD award – for you new Flys, a mystery for later discovery…

Didja’ll enjoy the dirt?!!? If’n ya did, we look forward to seeing you at a Swarm near you REAL soon; if’n ya didn’t, at least as it relates to having too many people to share dirt with, then p’r’aps you’ll continue to find dirt under less swarmy conditions…  Come back here or our ShoeFly FB page in a few days to catch news of the next Swarm on May 24thon Kingdom Trails dirt.

That weather thing: the weatherliars were just wrong enough – w/in a couple minutes after vacating our Operations base (dark’ish time), a light sprinkle dripped, then disappeared.  Now this report is complete, cuz how many event reports do you read that don’t contain reference to weather?  Weird, ain’t it, to talk about something you can’t do squat about??

See ya next time, Flys!! Keep to bzzzzin’…


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