February 8, 2018 dirtyshooze

Laying eggs…

yup’ers, we’re creeping toward opening 2018’s season of ShoeFly frivolity and superb dirt romping!!  targeting to get Registration online not later than Ides of March, with our first gathering among the dozen planned set for May 10 on Littleton footprint trails.  and yes, we DO have most details defined, for both general season tenor plus early offering logistics.  stay tuned… and in the meantime, hope your (Snow)ShoeFly feet are capturing some fun miles!!

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dirtyshooze Moons 'n Moons of Miles 'n Miles, in front of and behind the aid station table, in the latter status offering Coyote brand trail exploring opportunities to those who prefer the (usually more entertaining) adventure of dirt roaming over puffing up their competitive rankings.