August 21, 2017 dirtyshooze

ShoeFly DragonFly Kingdom Trail Results

we breached 30 Flys for our finale, one guest bzzzz’ing in all the way from Chicago just to join us!!  as with previous swarms, the designed course was challenging…

…yet everyone found the Finish, and no one swerved off-course, the map’s willful roaming notwithstanding and much credit to the Snowflea’s proficiency in trail marking.  many pics taken by Meister Marker down at the Market Cafe, the remainder to be posted on this website once we go into quasi-hibernation mode for a few months.

5 out of 31 opted for double loops (Hugh a third jist fer grinz), the majority more in anticipation of the celebratory dinner to highlight the Season’s end.  more on that topic with the next post, appearing shortly.

Flys on dirt this trip:  Heather, Gaby, Nick, Larry, Minnie, Ellie, David, Amber, Jody, Jim H, Reinette, Blake, Sam, Kristin, Elise, Colleen, Molly, Simon, Alan, Holden, Stephanie (her first bzzz this season!!), Jim N, Cindy, Hugh, Beck, Finn, Naia, Julie, Katelyn, Emily ‘n Kristina!!  115 miles consumed collectively — what a fine bunch of bzzzzz’ers!!


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