August 7, 2017 dirtyshooze

Parker Mtn DragonFly Run/Hike Tuesday 8/8 5PM

hey, we have weather today!! and we’ll get some tomorrow, too!! yay!!  since the forecast doesn’t blast 100% chance — as guesstimate, it looks like less than 50% at most — of those wonderfully refreshing water drops pelting the canopy of trees protecting us, then we’re definitely a “go!” for tomorrow.  oddities from the Box o’ Sueprizes to dispense, of course, and maybe a couple other almost-truly-sorta-valuable treats to sweeten the pot.  Chef Blake will once again master the grill, and hint is in the air that this time the fare will be a couple steps above the burger variety.  He’s already promised to cook us a turkey dinner in November!!

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