August 4, 2017 dirtyshooze

ShoeFly DragonFly Parker Mtn Tuesday 8/8, 5PM

Season Finale for Parker Mtn, at top of School Street in Littleton.  Both Parker Mtn and Kingdom Trails finales will offer some twists to your previous experiences on and off the dirt, so don’t miss out on the fun and thrills (and maybe a couple minor scrapes and bumps, cuz you know you’ll want to see SOMEONE earn the BCD, tho preferably not you, right?!!?)!!  Maybe by Monday we’ll squeeze out a couple details you’d otherwise hope to see here, now…

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dirtyshooze Moons 'n Moons of Miles 'n Miles, in front of and behind the aid station table, in the latter status offering Coyote brand trail exploring opportunities to those who prefer the (usually more entertaining) adventure of dirt roaming over puffing up their competitive rankings.