July 21, 2017 dirtyshooze

ShoeFly ButterFly KT July Results

accounting for variety in start times, 28 Flys bzzzz’d on Kingdom Trails dirt, with distances spanning 2-8 miles and 22-84 minutes (median 55, mean 51:33 for youse numbers bzzzz’ers), with representation from KZ, BW, JT-P, CR, AMcG, MM, CL, JJ, RH, JH, JH, AH, BG, KF, EF, JD, MC, CB, TB, SB, SB, MB, LB (B’s win in Most Prolific Category!!), NA, GA, HA.  yet another challenge on how to decipher these data points into common protocol for event results — good luck, kids!! pix below, ButterFly KT BE/BCD Royal Court (with repeat by Alan, garnering High Jester status), and Reinette celebrating her 3rd consecutive b-day.

Hope to see y’all bzzzz’in’ at next month’s DragonFly swarms.  Details when the next batch of eggs hatch…

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