July 12, 2017 dirtyshooze

ShoeFly ButterFly Parker Mtn 7/11 Results

22 toed the line (+1 hovering above the dirt), 5 of ’em under 4′ and the rest towering above (you can find a sample of the short stuff if you visit/join our FB Group page).

Alan got the Long Haul Award (ventured out for a 3rd loop to take down markers, his reward, a streamer!!), Anthony at the other end of the spectrum blasting 3 consecutive 1 mile loops.  Jen, fresh from bringing Adler into the fold, knocked off 2 of the long loop after first skipping along w/ her kids for the short loop.  Mary Lou and Alice wandered who knows where and lingered long enough wherever they ventured to earn the BookEndBeanies.  And Gabe’s romp with Ezra on the big loop captured just enough mud to earn the coveted BCD, a new ensemble for this offering.  Finishers, in alpha (but not time/distance) order: Larry, Ezra, Gabe, Joanna, Sage, Adler, Sam, Sylvie, Thatcher, Alice, Minnie, Ellie, Kathy, John, Jen, Mary Lou, Elise, Colleen, Alan, Anthony, Emily, Julie ‘n Kristina.

Mooches grass to Blake for organizing this Parker Mtn offering; to him and Snowflea for stellar course marking (which, of course, some runners/hikers ignored, all of it with entertainment value) and Alan’s capture of same on his 3rd loop, and to Schilling for donating pizzas to the cause.  See y’all on KT dirt next week!!

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