July 6, 2017 dirtyshooze

ShoeFly ButterFly Run/Hike, Parker Mountain, Tuesday 7/11, 5PM

…to be staged from Remich Park in Littleton.  5PM swarm time, nudging you onto the course after initial comments/instructions.  pizza from Schilling with accompanying fluids after you return to Remich.  post-run, while noshing on yummies, we’ll dispense much sought-after awards and other collectibles, PLUS a surprise item for ALL that you’ll surely want more than one of.  gotta show up to get that little keeper!! oh yeah, and fun dirt, too, so even if the other enticements don’t tip the scale for you, why would you ignore the oppor’y to get your FlyShoes dirty?!!?

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dirtyshooze Moons 'n Moons of Miles 'n Miles, in front of and behind the aid station table, in the latter status offering Coyote brand trail exploring opportunities to those who prefer the (usually more entertaining) adventure of dirt roaming over puffing up their competitive rankings.