June 23, 2017 dirtyshooze

HorseFly KT Results

A dozen Flys swarmed the trails, while half that number lingered at the Finish anxiously fretting the safe return of the runners; that, or perhaps the draw of Mike’s Tiki Bar proved more enticing?  From the base in E. Burke, the only path out meant an uphill grind…

…with sufficient navigation aids…

…to join the “Logistics Crew” back at Mike’s & the VT Food Truck.

Elise and Erik earned Bookend Beanies, joined here by “yes, I’d LOVE another tie!” Bob and “why yes, I DO have Irish blood” Beck.

Other oddities from the Box o’ Sueprizes found skeptical but willing recipients, pix of such largesse found on our two FB pages (you can find ’em, surely).  Which ShoeFlys found KT dirt yesterday (and consistent w/ other displays, entered here in vowels-first order): Elise, Ellie, Emily, Erik, Evan, Nick, Jim, Reinette, Simon, Laura, Naia, Bob.

See y’all on Parker Mountain a week after July 4th!!  Get to bzzzzz’ing!!

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