June 15, 2017 dirtyshooze

HorseFly Parker Mtn Results

30 Flys swarmed to Parker Mountain Tuesday, this HorseFly meeting marking the halfway point for the Series.  All who started…

…finished, on the toughest course yet offered, with but 3 Flys opting for the double loop.  Superb course marking reduced wandering, but some couldn’t resist diverting anyway.  How do you screw up such an obvious 4way birch limb intersection?

Our Spring BCD retired with last month’s BlackFly Kingdom Trails winner, Alan.  Wanna see who earned HorseFly’s Summer ensemble.  Hmmm, think that pic’s posted on FB…

…and you might want to visit FB to also view who snatched the Bookend Beanies this time…  Two other Beanies awarded to the two Flys, Kristina and Melissa, who’ve swarmed to each offering so far — Sue of ShoeFly has been the only StaffFly to attend each run, marking trail each time, reward for  which she endures this writer —  and  Kristina, for being Littleton Coop’s representative for HorseFly’s donation of post-run/hike nourishment, also earned a pair of Darn Tough socks, her size even!!

Thanks again to Evvi for making this month’s Fly trinket!

The FinisherFlys:  Sylvie, Thatcher, Beck, Evvi, Finn, Naia, Mitchell, Minnie, Ellie, Kathy, Laura, Jackie, Amber, Leah, Jim, Reinette, Colleen, Molly, Simon, Alan, Jim, Cindy, Julie, Katelyn, Sam, Bob, Emily, Mark and Kristina.  Times for each? Yes, they consumed minutes, but of richer value, enjoyed the dirt.  Bzzzzzzz….



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