May 20, 2017 dirtyshooze

BlackFly KT Results (no, really)

The weather liars honored their trade Thursday, predicting we’d not see rain til night, but Nature had her way with us despite that guessing.  Skies relatively clear for trail marking yielded to gathering clouds that spit a few drops just before the start:  adventure ahead!!  The deluge waited til folks got deep into the loop, but once wet, what’s a ShoeFly to do but press ahead.  Of the 33 pairs of Shoes out there, only 4 opted to continue the slopfest for a full 2nd loop, with Hugh, craving the BookEnd Beanie (or just wanting to adorn himself in orange/silver streamers), knocking off a third loop to sweep up the markers.

Holden snatched the 5K BookEnd Beanie, Dan close on his heels and deciding on a more casual 2nd loop.  Alan’s 2nd loop attracted just enough mud that we bent the How to Win the BCD Rule just for him, and he now is the proud owner of that fine piece of fashion!

Reinette chose to celebrate her birthday with us – with entourage in tow – and for that gesture was awarded a free massage!  Hubby Jim, a handful of minutes behind Ms Speedy, left with a headlamp as motivation for a night hike under a full moon later this summer. Mooches mahalo to the Wildflower for hosting the post-slopfest festivities, giving us dry space and tasty tacos to extend the camaraderie that ShoeFly dirt intends as we swarm each month…

Name/Rounded Time in Minutes (on an exact 3.26941 mile loop) in order of presentation on the roster:  Larry/41, Melissa/39, Minnie/37, Ellie/55, Kathy/46, Jackie/46, Angela/40, Tina/35, Amber/37, Leah/51, Dan/59 (2 loops), Jim/47, Reinette/43, Bill/39, Dawn/41, Krista/43, Kim/38, Colleen/33, Simon/33, Alan/65 (2 loops), Holden/25, Cindy/46, Laura R/40, Ben/56 (2 loops), Laura T/38, Hugh/89 (3 loops), Beck/47, Evvi/54, Julie/54, Finn/48 (1+ loop), Naia/35, Emily/35, Kristina/39 (who earned Best Pic from last week but didn’t stick around long enough to get her most special Box ‘o Surprises soo-prize).

Special Beanies:  Julie for being the corporate thmartth behind this foolishness (apparently doing this gig and a ton of others, sans sleep, BzzzzBomb tag indeed!), and single digit aged Flys sporting design dedicated to them (yes, Thatcher & Sylvie, yours await your next visit to ShoeFly dirt).

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