May 17, 2017 dirtyshooze

BlackFly Kingdom Trails Run/Hike

News Flash: The VT Food Truck won’t be open this week to host us, so Jim has cordially opened the SpokeEasy Lounge and deck in back at the Wildflower (adjacent to where we were for April’s KT) for our post-run celebration (and dispersal of goodies). We’ll base from the yurt and hit trails on the west side of the Darling Hill ridge.  If you can figure out how to economize on getting there, as to not swarm over all available parking, that’d be swell for the Inn’s other guests. C y’all there bzzzzzzzzz….

Those of you who showed up last week for Parker’s antics in the dirt, who hadn’t earlier registered and intend to join us this week, too, DO register before zinging into the swarm on Thursday.

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