April 22, 2017 dirtyshooze

KT1 Summary

Did we have fun ‘r what?!!?

30 adventuresome pairs of shoes – 7 from age groups not quite ready for legal consumption of beer – roamed the Kingdom Trails dirt, with a handful of cheerleaders (fidgeting in the cold) glad to be in support mode w/o succumbing to the urge to join in. That, plus the splendid behind-the-bar hosting of Carrie’s Village Sports Shop, all made for an exciting first shot of the Series on Vermont’s turf!

Since the Series is more about the fun ‘n camaraderie of dirt among friends, showing top to bottom time results won’t appear here or after other Series offerings, tho some recognition of pace will find space in these posts.  F’r’instance, Evan (yes, you’ll have to cross-check the Players page if you want more than just first name identification), three times a Junior National competitor, stretched his legs ahead of the pack in the first yards away from the start, easily kept his lead, and likely would’ve tagged a 2nd loop had he not had his eyes set on this coming weekend’s real competition elsewhere.  For his efforts, he earned a Bookends Beanie (yup, another diversion for you to visit the FB photos from Thursday to find that gem); his counterpart Ellie earning the other BB.  At different speed, young Gabby knocked off her first 5K in many moons, and Macy flew down the last slope to finish anaerobically huffin’ ‘n puffin’…  What to say of the adults?  Hmmm, perhaps we’ll wait to see if any of their stories land on social media, tho they’ll capture notoriety soon enough in these pages!

Melissa, arriving just moments before the start, enjoyed special recognition for her foibles on the Parker Mountain trails the week before, her “fall down, go boom” episode garnering the honor to wear the Blood Cloaking Device (BCD) pre- and post-run.  Lucky for her — she does look particularly thrilled, doesn’t she? — no one on the KT dirt robbed her of BCD ownership.

A dozen wouldn’t be satisfied just one 5K romp in the dirt, leaving the warmth of the Shop for a clockwise capture of the 2nd loop.  Five of the dozen were of under beer age spunky vitality; Finn, Naia and Holden  gathered up all the trail markers that Snowflea had earlier clipped to branches for easy navigation, and each were rewarded w/ prizes (gators and headlamp) that actually have some value!

This far down, you’re itching to see names that correspond w/ the KT  Flying Shoes, aren’tcha?  OK, for those on KT dirt and for those just curious, here’s your list:  Nick, Bill, Colleen, Gabby, Kim, Heather, Alan, John, Jon, Melissa, Angela, Bob, Holden, Tina, David, Ellie, Kristina, Daniel, Liza, Katelyn, Naia, Alex, Elise, Finn, Laura, Macy, Laura, Evan, Ben, Mike.  Go ahead, assign yourself or others with a time; heck, make up a distance different from what we marked — it’s YOUR log book!!

See y’all at next month’s BlackFly romp!! (…and thnx, Julie, for the pics thrown in here fer grinz)

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