April 19, 2017 dirtyshooze

KT1 (no, no, not the Himalayas, just our first run on Kingdom Trails)

As we dodged the rain invasion last week on Parker Mtn, by mere minutes, so the weatherliars predict our luck for tomorrow, too, but (as of this writing) with greater pad of dry on the back side.  So, 5PM at the Village Sport Shop on Darling Hill.  Route’s planned out (dirt, hills, critters, fresh raspberries to be picked!! (uh, no)), T’s in the box for those yet to get one, prizes set aside for reasons not yet defined, hunger emergent for paninis from Carrie’s grill.  For those who got an email after last week’s Parker Mtn run asking that you chime in if you intend to play tomorrow… and didn’t reply… and still intend to, please send a note to us so that food planning doesn’t leave anyone wishful for what’s not available for want of an input.  You know who you are… C y’all mañana!!

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