April 10, 2017 Julie

Parker Mtn Run on 4/11 is a GO!!

Despite the (literal) flurry of weather variations these last few days, the conditions ought be suitable enough for us to invade on Tuesday.  So, 5PM at the top of School Street in Littleton (ye of greater digital skill than I can surely find it w/o my help).  We’ll roam the lower trails, which as of Sunday morning, and accounting for temp improvements thru Tuesday, will give us workable surface to tromp.  Likely a couple spots to be a bit careful of foot, but overall adequate for our purposes.  Come on out, kids!!  See you there, bzzzzzing around…

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Julie Julie does stuff. Like organizing things, writing, traveling, and trail running with 4 homeschooled kids in tow. She is honored to help organize the ShoeFly Trail Running Series & Festival on some of the best dirt in one of the coolest towns in the world.