March 21, 2017 Julie

ShoeFly Spring-Summer Trail Running Series Schedule

The 2017 ShoeFly Spring/Summer Trail Running Series kicks off on April 11th in Littleton, NH.  Due to weather/trail access, the first run will start from Remich Park.  Subsequent races will start from the PRKR Mtn. parking area at the end of School Street.

Start Time:  ShoeFly Series Runs begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.

Monthly Series Themes:

BlackFly April:  

  • April 11 – PRKR Mtn Trails, NH
  • April 20 – Kingdom Trails, VT

HorseFly May:

  • May 9 – PRKR Mtn Trails, NH
  • May 18 – Kingdom Trails, VT

FireFly June:  

  • June 13 – PRKR Mountain Trails, NH
  • June 22 – Kingdom Trails, VT

ButterFly July:

  • July 11 – PRKR Mtn Trails, NH
  • July 20 – Kingdom Trails, VT

DragonFly August:

  • August 8 – PRKR Mountain Trails
  • August 17 – Kingdom Trails, VT

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Julie Julie does stuff. Like organizing things, writing, traveling, and trail running with 4 homeschooled kids in tow. She is honored to help organize the ShoeFly Trail Running Series & Festival on some of the best dirt in one of the coolest towns in the world.